Who am I ?

Hello, ladies! (..and a few occasional gentlemen)
My name is Angela. I’m 22 and I am an electrical engineering student. Now, that doesn’t sound very girly, does it ? A lot of times I was faced with that stereotype. But then you realize that a lot of people don’t understand what makes woman a woman.
As you may have noticed from my profile picture, I have a dog. His name is Lou and he is my best buddy. I hope you won’t mind if he sneaks in some of my pics.

Being a huge animal lover I am trying to use exclusively cruelty-free products. (I will greatly appreciate if you point out that some brand is not as nice to animals as I believe). Also, I just love the natural stuff. I like to take care of my body from inside out. That means everything from food to makeup. The whole package. You will notice me writing small tips in my reviews on how to take care of that “inside part” too.

angie rouge geek

Makeup  can only make you look pretty on the outside, but it doesn’t help if you are ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the makeup.

  •                           Audrey Hepburn

Why and how I decided to run my own blog ?

I will try to be more of a professional reviewer (if that exists) and less of a blogger. I chose that because, as I slowly entered the world of beauty, there wasn’t any specific blog/site that I could pinpoint to be just what I’m looking for. There were either too much sponsored product, too vague descriptions, not enough useful tips, many off topic posts and so on. I do admit that I am a perfectionist and I may be searching for something that doesn’t exist but I will try to make it happen.
I hope that this will be the site where you can find quality reviews. Where you won’t be left wondering: “was she paid for writing a nice review about a bad product?”. I want you not to search for more information, scrolling through endless pages. I will try to keep you updated about new lines and, whenever I can, post links where you can order it.

What is a success for me? I succeeded in my task if I make you bookmark this page and make you say: “Wait, I know just where to check this product…”

Send me your comments, positive or negative. Because every feedback is making me one step closer to my goal.