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Makeup Revolution Brow Gel, Blonde [Review]

I had an uncontrolled shopping spree just before the Black Friday and one of the shops I decided to raid was Tam Beauty. If you are not familiar with that name, let me remind you that they are behind one of the most popular affordable dupe brands – Makeup Revolution. I would recommend you go visit Tam’s Beauty official site because they always have sales going on there so I’m sure that you’ll end up getting something. They also ship worldwide and, depending on where you live, buying over defined amount will get you FREE SHIPPING! Usually, I have a hard time acquiring makeup goodies because shops either don’t send it to my country or the shipping prices cost almost as much as said goodies are.
Enough about that, I was just too excited about affordable/free worldwide shipping; let’s talk about the Brow Gel I’ll be reviewing today. If you are a regular reader, you know that I am loyal to my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills in Taupe I reviewed here. Because of lighter skin and eye color and darker blonde hair I was torn between shades Taupe and Blonde. Ultimately, I went for ABH Taupe because I was scared of blonde shade being too yellow. Lately, I was considering getting a blonde shade also, but I just needed an extra push. Since I was already buying a bunch of stuff from Tam Beauty, I have also decided to try their Brow Gel in Blonde. I envisioned using the gel on the beginning of my brow, and ABH in Taupe on the tail of my brow. It was not expensive so I thought I wouldn’t cry about spent money if I end up not liking it.

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel, Blonde

Did it work?

Will I continue using it? Find out by reading the rest of this review!

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel, Blonde
  • Packaging - 7/10
  • Texture & Pigmentation - 8/10
  • Longevity - 10/10
  • Price - 9/10



  • Natural looking
  • Long lasting
  • Pigmented
  • A lot of product in a tube


  • Color selection
  • Provided brush is awful
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This Brow Revolution kit comes in a regular cardboard box. Makeup Revolution kept it simple as usual. Right off the bat, they promise “Instant, long lasting fibre technology brow gel that is waterproof, budge-proof and transfer proof”, but we’ll see about that later. The name of the shade is easily visible on the packaging and on the bottom of the tube and that’s always a plus.

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel, Blonde directions and how to remove

Back of the box has brief instructions on how to both apply and remove this brow gel. They don’t necessarily teach you anything new, but it’s always better to have them there.
Inside of the box, there is a tube with the brow gel and a spoolie for combing your brows before and after you draw them.
The tube contains 3.8g of product and you should make sure to stir it before you use it for the first time. It may seem empty at first, like in the image below (the top half has a “crack” in the product so it is seemingly empty), but don’t worry. You need the tiniest amount for your brows and the tube is pretty big for a brow product. It almost resembles a lip product (Well, except for a shade inside).

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel, Blonde the tube

The letters on the tube will probably be scratched away with time, but they are holding on for the last month. Spoolie is very simple and it will work if you have no spoolies that came with your makeup brushes set. Personally, I use my other brush, but that’s just the force of habit.
Overall, the packaging passes my test. It is nothing exceptional, but it is simple and does its purpose so no complaints here.
There is one thing though that I can’t get over and it’s the brush hidden underneath the cap of the tube. It is short, stubby and slightly wider at its end. I find it awful, it looks messy and it is not nearly as precise as I would like it to be. I will reduce the grade of this section just for the brush, but later in the review, I will use my usual angled brush and rate it on how it performed with my brush.
If any of you managed to make this brush work PLEASE teach me how, because the only thing that I can draw with a provided brush is a unibrow.


Ingredients are listed below for those who can’t read it clearly from the picture:

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel Ingredients

Texture & Pigmentation

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel packaging

I just want to mention that they only offer five shades – Auburn, Blonde, Dark Brunette, Medium Brown and Soft Brown. There are many different brow shades with tons of undertones so I’m hoping that Makeup Revolution plans to release a few more shades to cover more different brows out there. Especially since half of the shades, they have seemed very similar. I did not buy Auburn one, but judging from the swatches I believe it should have redder in it to be a color match for auburn hair beauties. Since I am on the topic, I also think that the blonde shade (which should always the lightest when it comes to brows) is a bit darker than I expected and that it should actually be Taupe. Again, that is my personal preference and I believe they should have left some room for a lighter shade.
The texture is quite runny; I expected a gel-like texture from the name “brow gel”. The provided brush soaks up a lot of product and it makes application really messy. You can easily substitute it (like me) for a regular angled brow brush which will work a lot better. You can even use something similar like those thin eyeliner brushes for added precision. Just stay away from provided brush if you don’t want to look like you have a centipede on your forehead. The thinner texture makes it work better with thin brushes. I didn’t list the texture as a con because once it dries it gets that powdery (not flaky!) feel that I really like on my oily skin. (Yes, even the skin underneath my brows is oily.)

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel, Blonde swatch

Makeup Revolution claims that this gel contains fibers, but I am not convinced on that one simply because there are no fibers to be found when I swirl this gel in the tube or when I apply a bit more to my hand to test it. Maybe it is a different kind of fiber, but all fiber mascaras and similar products have at least a few visible fibers. Not that I need or miss them, but I don’t like false claims.
Pigmentation is on point and you won’t need to apply it over the same spot twice. I won’t vouch for the darker shades (they may be patchy), but this Blonde gel that I’ve tried is pigmented as you’ve seen in the photo above.


Makeup Revolution claims that this brow gel is Waterproof, Budgeproof and Transfer Proof. If all three are true, it should provide a long-lasting wear. Let’s not pretend that this is not a Wunderbrow dupe, well Wunderbrow promises a few days of wear that I won’t test because I don’t even need it.
I am not one of those who tend to sleep with my makeup on. I simply must remove my makeup every time before I go to sleep. That’s why I can’t test this for the longer time in the terms of days.
Let’s start with how it looks before and after application.

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel, Blonde, before and after application

For now, it looks promising. When I swipe my finger over a dried brow, it looks clean and it won’t budge – just like they promised. I was actually wearing it for the whole day, around 12 hours with no fading or smudging. I didn’t shower with it and I don’t plan to, but I’ve tried to remove the swatch from my hand with water and failed miserably. It is only easy to remove with oil based removers. I actually use pure oils so I also hydrate my brow hairs and skin. It is just a little trick of mine.
That’s why I’ll give a maximum grade for this section. It provided the longevity I needed and it could probably go on a lot more if I needed it. I would definitely recommend it as an affordable Wunderbrow dupe.


I find Makeup Revolution generally to be on the affordable side, especially when you take the quality of their makeup in an account. This Brow Gel is only sold online. I would recommend getting it on the official site, of course. The links are provided below depending on the shade you want. Each shade costs £6.72 on the official site.

Makeup Revolution Brow Gel

Another option I would recommend is getting it at Ulta for $9. There are 4 shades on their site. (Blonde is missing) I don’t know have they ever sold Blonde at Ulta, but you’ll have to order it from Tam Beauty like me if you want that shade.
Overall, I think that it could be a nice substitute for a more expensive brow gel if you have a color match in available five shades. And you’ll get A LOT of brow gel so it will definitely be worth it.

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