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My Favorite Korean Gel Eyeliner – TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy

Continuing my Korean haul with the last item on the list – a gel eyeliner. I already had the same eyeliner in black and I right now it is almost empty. I loved it so much and it aged so gracefully (without drying) that I had to get another one. And it’s not just me that is hyped up about this product, TONY MOLY got a few awards for this gel eyeliner.

Korean Gel Eyeliner - TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy

I didn’t want to be too boring and order the same black one again (although I probably will after I empty my other gel eyeliners) so I’ve decided to go for a Deep Burgundy shade. After all, it is really hard to find reviews of that shade, while it is fairly easy to find the black one reviewed. BUT if for any reason, you want me to review the black one, I’ll be happy to – just let me know.

To check out the details about this gel eyeliner, I recommend visiting Official TONY MOLY website.

I ordered mine from Jolse because I couldn’t find this shade anywhere else at the time. It took about three weeks for this gel eyeliner to come to me. Now let’s get on with the review.

Korean Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy bought at Jolse

TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy
  • Packaging - 9/10
  • Formula & Pigmentation - 10/10
  • Longevity - 10/10
  • Price - 10/10



  • Waterproof and smudgeproof
  • Pigmented
  • Great for both thin and thick wing


  • Awkward packaging for travel
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In depth


Like I said, I picked the 08 Deep Burgundy shade as you can see in the photo below. If you have a few of these, the packaging won’t differ much so I recommend checking the bottom because the shade is clearly marked.

TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy

They all come in elongated plastic packaging with the brush hidden in the top part. At first, it seems rather bulky, but when you realize that the brush is in there – you won’t mind it.
Speaking of the brush – it is so thin and precise that I barely captured it in the photo. Once you learn how to maneuver it, you’ll be surprised by how well it performs. Just don’t forget to wash and dry it before returning it to the top of this packaging.

Korean Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy brush

When you twist off the bottom part, you’ll get to the good part. It is covered with a white plastic cap that I recommend returning after every use because it will keep the gel from drying out. It is not a hassle and it will really make a difference.

Korean Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy white plastic cap

At first, 4g of gel does not sound like a lot – but it lasted me quite a while. Of course, it depends on you mostly, but you’re probably safe for a year with medium use – I know I was.

Ingredients are listed below:

Iron Oxides (CI 77499), Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isododecane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Ceresin, Caprylyl Methicone, Talc, Ultramarines (CI 77007), Silica Silylate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Propylene Carbonate, Butylparaben, BHT, Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil

Korean Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY

Formula & Pigmentation

I’ll keep this part short because all I can do is praise this eyeliner so I’ll risk sounding like a sponsored post.

The formula is nice and creamy. It takes a minute to dry, but considering that I perfect my wing for a few minutes, barely notice the dry time. It dries to a smudge-proof finish that won’t crack through the day.
You only need a little bit of product to do a clean line. I will try to show it to you in the photo below.

Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy

The formula is so lovely that you can combine both thin and thick lines with ease.

Korean Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy formula and texture

It also didn’t irritate my eyes even after a long wear which is a rarity for me. The pigmentation is on point, one thin layer will provide full color and no patches, awesome!


Korean Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy swatch

Once this eyeliner dries, it is smudge-proof and waterproof. It is really durable and to prove that – I put up a little video below. I don’t know if you can tell, but I did press firmly the second time.

As amazing as this eyeliner is, I have to tell you that the black version is even better. It literally won’t budge on my eyelids through the whole night of dancing. Amazing! And when you want to remove it, it will very easily remove with a makeup wipe – no tugging needed.
Now I only have to show you how it looks on my eye.

Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy swatch

And I didn’t even have to try to do a clean wing with this brush.
Also, I tried a fake wet look with glitter because this eyeliner dries matte so I wanted to show you the other side of this gel eyeliner. I think it slays in a shiny version as well.

Gel Eyeliner TONY MOLY in Deep Burgundy swatch 2


Eyeliner this good is expected to have a price tag around $20, especially because it comes with a brush. But what if I told you that you can get it for half the price? It depends on where you buy it, but this Korean gel eyeliner retails (in Korea) for under $10. Resellers usually inflate the price, but it’s up to you where you buy it. I will list the options below.

Available at:

  • Official TONY MOLY US site which is a good and secure option, but at $14.50 it is one of the pricier options.

  • Amazon

  • If you couldn’t already tell from the name card, I got mine at Jolse which is also the cheapest option at less than $9.

As far as the reviews I’ve read, I wouldn’t recommend buying Pearl Brown or Pearl Black shade because it seems that the finish makes it fade and flake faster. Other than that, I’ve tried only Black and Deep Burgundy and I recommend them both wholeheartedly.

Comments (4)

  • Thank you for the review! Do you recommend any other Korean beauty products that are affordable?

    • Hey B,

      You can check out my whole Korean haul here. I’m not sure what products you need, but their foundations and BB/CC creams are really good if you can find your shade (they don’t have huge ranges, and their target audience is on the fair side).
      I’m only not a fan of their mascaras, so I can’t really recommend that.
      Lip products (stains) and blushes are also awesome and affordable.
      Just let me know what products you specifically need and I’ll recommend you my faves. This way is just too difficult for me to pick.


  • Ok.. I see on that Jolie site that there’s free shipping.. I’m buying the black one! 😘

    • Hey Tintofpeony,

      You should definitely get this one. It might solve all your eyeliner problems! I repurchased it *with* shipping costs, so that says something about how much I love it! 😂
      If you get it, you must let me know whether you liked it. Fingers crossed!



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