Review: BBIA Downy Cheek, 02 Downy Peach

Today we continue with my Korean haul. If you are from the US, you’ve probably never heard of BBIA cosmetics brand, especially since it is only sold online. BBIA is short for “Blooming Beauty In Online Ocean” (yeah, it is not an acronym, confused me too).

This is my first product from BBIA and I opted for a cream blush because I usually use powder blush and I wanted to experiment a little. The blush is called Downy Cheek and it comes in a few shades:

  • 01 Downy pink

  • 02 Downy peach

  • 03 Downy apricot

  • 04 Downy lavender

  • 05 Downy coral

BBIA Downy Cheek, 02 Downy Peach

I have it in the shade 02 Downy Peach because I thought it would suit my pale complexion. The description that resellers give is sparse and use broken English (after all, they are usually not from English-speaking countries). That’s why I’ve decided to write a full review so that you know what you’re getting, so let’s get on!

  • Packaging - 6/10
  • Texture & Pigmentation - 9/10
  • Longevity - 8/10
  • Price - 10/10



  • Affordable
  • Buildable
  • Easy to blend
  • Nice color
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BBIA Downy Cheek, 02 Downy Peach packaging


Let’s start with this – I really don’t like the packaging it comes in. It is a transparent plastic packaging that looks quite cheap. Brands logo BBIA is engraved on top and it just looks messy on an otherwise minimalist packaging. Since we are talking about a cream blusher, no applicator means dipping your finger in every day. I consider it unhygienic, but that I can get past.

BBIA Downy Cheek, Peach packaging

I don’t want to keep it negative, so I will say that the packaging is practical when you want to wipe it off. I’m not sure how sturdy it actually is, but it does clack securely when closed so that makes it good for traveling.

It contains 3.5g of cream blush, a pretty standard size for cream blushes.
I’m sorry, but I can’t find the ingredients for this blush anywhere. I thought it would be listed on the back of a cardboard box that it came in, but as you can tell from the photo below – nothing significant is written there.

BBIA Downy Cheek, 02 Downy Peach packaging backside

Texture & Pigmentation

The texture is really unique. It is not exactly like your regular cream. It is firm in the pan but when picked up with a finger, the warmth melts it in a bit oilier texture.
It feels lightweight on the skin and is perfect for these summer days when you don’t want to feel your makeup on.

Pigmentation is nice, nothing too dramatic and yet it is easily buildable. One layer gives you that natural glow that blends seamlessly. Depending on the rest of your makeup you can do two or even three coats to match the rest. Of course, you lose some of the pigmentation while blending it.
I wanted to show you how it looks right when applied, it is shinier and dewier looking before it sinks in the skin.

BBIA Downy Cheek, 02 Downy Peach swatch

Here is the hand swatch once it sinks in, both in the sun and in the shade. It dries to a satin finish. I love this finish and even prefer it over the one when it is initially put on.

BBIA Downy Cheek, 02 Downy Peach swatch after it sinks in


BBIA Downy Cheek review

It can last you through the day because it soaks into the skin. If you have very oily skin, you may have issues with it. I try to keep my oily skin in control so I usually fixate everything with translucent powder. That keeps this blush set in place. Overall, I am satisfied with its longevity, but I lowered my grade because of one annoyance.

When I don’t use a foundation or a primer below this blush, it has an odd habit of sinking into my pores. I’ll be the first to admit that I have some pretty monstrous pores, but still. I end up with peach dots in my pores and that is one ugly look. That’s the reason I only apply this over my foundation.

BBIA Downy Cheek, 02 Downy Peach review by Rouge Geek

Here is how it looks on my face; I applied it liberally so that you can see it better. Usually, I apply it with a lighter hand so it is great for natural summer looks.


Like I mentioned in my initial Korean Skincare, makeup & Haul post I got this from BeautyNetKorea.

Right now it is discounted and it is under $4 so it is really affordable (I’m rating based on the price at Beautynetkorea because that’s where I ordered it from). Just keep in mind that sometimes it may take longer for you to receive bought items and you don’t get a tracking number so you’re just left to wait.

If you prefer to stick with a more familiar online shop, you can order it from Amazon.

I would recommend this blush if you are looking for a natural cream blush and I might get it in another color with my next order.


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