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Review: Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette + Color Correcting Tutorial

If you want a flawless base for your makeup look, you need to color correct. That is, unless you are a goddess that has impeccable skin. In that case, I hate you since I can’t obtain that level even with a few layers of makeup. BUT if you are a mere mortal like me, I think this review and tutorial of the Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette will prove useful to you.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Review
Just a little disclaimer first, in this tutorial you won’t find face charts that say – apply this color here and that color there. Those face charts are never precise and they depend from person to person, what works for you, might not work for your friend. I will give you guidelines for every color, but you, yourself, will know best where you should put it exactly and in what amount.
Now that we got that covered, let’s first review Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette.

  • Packaging - 9/10
  • Formula & Pigmentation - 10/10
  • Longevity - 9/10
  • Price - 9/10



  • Containing almost every color you need
  • Affordable
  • Blendable
  • Great coverage


Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Packaging
This color correct palette comes in a compact black box that is kept securely closed by a magnet. It is not very hard to open it, but this is not your regular concealer that you need to take with you for touch-ups. This is something you do in the comfort of your own home. Although, there is a brush in this set as you will see in the photo below. The brush is a simple flat one with densely packet bristles. While the bristles are silky smooth and the brush is not bad, I prefer to use a sponge or a beauty blender. It is just easier that way to dab the product.
Each pan has 1.5 g of product which is not so little because the pan is deeper than it seems at first. In total, that is 7,5 g of product
The whole palette is made of some sort of cardboard so it seems that it is very eco-friendly. There is a plastic part – a transparent window that lets you check out the shades before committing to buy this palette. Packaging may be nothing special and may even be on the cheaper side, but it is nothing you’d skip buying this palette for.
All information you need is written on the back side, from ingredients, described colors and to a short summary. Everything else is up to you and how you’d like to use it.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Packaging 2

Formula & Pigmentation

Let’s talk about formula first; I will keep this part short because you will see everything later on the swatches. At first, the colors seem too pigmented and vibrant to ever blend in with your skin without you looking like a clown. Luckily, that is not the case. The colors easily blend and match to my skin tone. Even if I overdo with the correcting, a layer of foundation makes it invisible. I was really amazed, especially considering that it wasn’t expensive. Just one warning: blend well after every layer if you are doing more than one. Skipping that part results in a cakey look.
This palette covers all my correcting needs. I even use the “Medium” color as a contour color since I am fair skinned. The only color that is missing here is some orange shade because the yellow one is pure yellow and a girl needs to cover up her dark circles. The best color for dark circles for me is definitely salmon color so I’ll probably stock up on that in addition to using this palette.
Color Correct Concealer Palette
Pigmentation is excellent. You only need a thin layer to cover what you want. Like I said, I’ll keep this part short because you will see both pigmentation and formula for every individual color on the swatches below. For now, it is enough to say that I rate this palette 10 out of 10 in this category.


Longevity is hard to detect in these kinds of products. After all, you will notice if your foundation slips or if your compact powder lets shine break through. It is harder to detect if your purple layer that brightens your under eye skin starts to slip. I tried to be objective, but don’t mind me if you don’t agree with me on this category. I believe that the color will “stick” to your face for as long as you don’t intentionally remove it. I wore this for a whole working day and haven’t noticed that is slipped or something. But, just to be clear, I fixate my makeup with both the powder and a spray.
The only thing that I did notice is that it is easily smudged, especially if you’ve just applied it. So I’m guessing that if you rub your face harder, you will move it a little. Again, not sure about this category, I wrote about my experience.

How to Color Correct (Tutorial)

First, we must talk about the basics of color theory. Below, you will see the photo of a color wheel. Keep that in mind because we will be using it a lot throughout this tutorial. Opposites on this wheel are called complementary colors and as such should produce white when combined in the right proportions. In other words, they will cancel each other out. That effect is particularly useful when you are trying to cover your blemishes. You will use less concealer and foundation because your face will not need so much coverage after color correcting. Don’t worry; we will go with this tutorial slowly color by color. It will be photo heavy.
color wheel
Let’s start with the first color – Yellow, or as named in this palette – Evens Skintone.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette yellow color
If you check out the color wheel you will easily see that yellow is used when you want to cancel out purple shades. I mildly disagree with Ulta’s statement that this is used to even skin tone. I mean, every color here is used to even skin tone, not just this one. Anyway, I use this mixed with other colors under my eyes. Since this is perfect for covering purple to blue hues that are often found on dark circles.
Also, if you have thin skin, you probably notice bluish veins under your skin. This is most noticeable on the sensitive skin of the eyelid. Well, this will cover up that without a hassle. Talk about a perfect eyeshadow base!
I also notice purple patches (instead of usual reds) around my nose so don’t be afraid to put it there if you notice it too. Also, my old acne scars tend to become purple with time, nothing this color can’t solve. In extreme situations, this color can help you cover up a bruise.
Now let’s see how it performed. I put all those colors on really hard tests. I got a highlighter pen in purple. It is really strong and vibrant shade as you will see on the before photo. You will see that the yellow covered it almost completely. And I didn’t even have to use a lot of it.
REMEMBER when blending colors, they shouldn’t be invisible because here there is such thing as blending too much. It defeats the point of using more colors in localized areas. The colors should be lightly visible after application/blending and completely invisible only after applying foundation. That’s why I will never completely blend these colors.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Swatch

The second color is Green, or as named in this palette – Redness Corrector.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Green COlor
This time I agree with Ulta’s description completely. Green is opposite of red and there is not much versatility about this color, it cancels redness. I use green on my acne and red cheeks and chin. This is one color I have to use every day. I did a pretty hard test for this color because I had pinkish/red permanent marker. I even had a difficult time removing it after swatching. This was harder to cover than any other test so to be fair to green shade; I had to show you how it looks after putting on the foundation. As you can see, even though the second picture doesn’t look promising, after foundation it is completely covered. I think that this color should be in everyone’s arsenal. You may not have acne like me, but there is always a redness to cover. After all, I even remembered to use this after a bad case of sunburnt skin.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Green color swatch

The third color is Purple Violet, or as named in this palette – Brightens Skintone.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Purple Violet color swatch
As mentioned earlier, yellow is used to cancel out purple, so naturally purple is used to cover up yellow. Yellow patches make your skin look dull, so with a touch of purple, you can make that skin glow again. Even if you don’t have yellow patches, this shade will make your skin bright and picture perfect. I think that the olive skin tones will benefit from this shade the most. Since I can’t predict where your yellow patches are (if they exist) I will admit that I have them on the corners of my mouth and a bit on the forehead.
Now onto the test, I got a yellow highlighter pen which was an ideal test for this purple. I think that among all those colors, this purple is the least pigmented. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, after all, you will not ever have highlighter pen kind of yellow patches. Pigmented purple would be a scary thing to put on your face so Ulta nailed it again with this shade.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Purple Violet color swatch

Fourth and Fifth colors are skin colored Light and Medium shades respectively.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Color Correcting Tutorial
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette Medium
Depending on whether you are pale or olive skinned you will find different uses for this. These two are most versatile of the bunch. You can layer them over any other color to give it a more natural vibe or use them separately for smaller blemishes or when you are not sure what color to use.
Since I am relatively pale I will treat the second color as the contouring shade while for some it may be just regular concealer. But to be fair to both colors I will test them over a blue highlighter pen. Blue is complementary to orange although the orange (salmon) color is missing from this set, but I had to test coverage of the blue imperfections. Surprisingly, Light shade has better coverage than the Medium one, just opposite from what I expected. But they both did a good job, I must admit. They are not color correcting shades, I would consider them correctors because they are quite neutral.
Ulta Color Correct Concealer Palette swatch By Rouge Geek
That’s all my loves, I hope I helped you learn something about color correcting today, or at least refreshed your knowledge. If you have any more questions about color correcting or maybe this palette specifically, feel free to message me and ask a question. If you are interested in buying the palette, check out the Price paragraph below.


This palette is available at Ulta and in their online store.
Price is $15.00 which is a bargain for five shades. This is great if you are just starting with color correcting because it is so blendable and almost mistake proof. This will suit even more makeup savvy among you because of how well it performs. I definitely recommend this one.

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