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Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting [Review]

I didn’t own a single metallic liquid lipstick before this one because it always seemed “too much” for me. It was one of those things I thought looked great on others, but I didn’t have the courage to rock it thinking it will just look awful on me.
Luckily, Makeup Revolution decided to make these lip kits very affordable and since you also get a lip liner, I didn’t have the reason not to buy it. I thought it would be just for a few fun Instagram looks, but luckily I was wrong. It was much more wearable than I thought. So if you expect an “in your face” metallic lipstick, you’ll be disappointed.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting

Click here for the official Makeup Revolution site for the one that I bought – the shade called In Waiting.
If you are interested in other shades, check out the Price section where I will link ‘em all. There are a few more gorgeous shades I have my eyes on!

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting packaging

  • Packaging & Brush - 9/10
  • Texture & Pigmentation - 8/10
  • Longevity - 7/10
  • Price - 10/10



  • Affordable
  • Smooth application
  • Pigmented lip liner
  • Wearable for everyday looks


  • Not a full-blown metallic
  • Not long-lasting (as expected)
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Packaging & Brush

I am always positively surprised with Makeup Revolution packaging. They make their products look great and much more expensive than they actually are. The same goes for this Lip Kit. It comes in a rose gold cardboard box that easily catches your eye.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting packaging looks more expensive than it is

Like I said, in each kit, you get a metallic liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner. They both come in a sturdy plastic packaging.

Liquid lipstick has a gold twist off cap and a doe foot applicator underneath. The applicator does its job neatly, it is quite firm, but allows for a precise application. It has a faint “industrial” smell when you really put your nose in it, but it isn’t overpowering. I think they tried to make it fragrance-free, but the ingredients simply have their own scent so they broke through.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting - everything that hides inside the packaging

Lip liner comes in a black plastic packaging. I would prefer if it was rose gold to match everything even better, but it is just a matter of personal taste. This is just a regular lip pencil that you need to sharpen, with no “twist-to-sharpen” gimmicks. I quite like the simple style.
Now, you get 1g of lip liner which is a regular net weight and 5.5 ml of liquid lipstick which is more than my average liquid lipstick holds.
You should use up your liquid lipstick in 12 months after opening, while the lip pencil can last only 3 months.
The ingredients are shown in a picture below, and if you click this pop-up it will list them if you can’t see from the picture or simply want to copy and paste them somewhere.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting, list of ingredients

Texture & Pigmentation

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting lip liner tube

I love the texture of the lip liner because it feels so soft. It is also very easy to apply – no tugging whatsoever. The only downside of their softness is the fact that they’ll be used up pretty quickly. I feel like I’m sharpening it every other day. But, if you read the last section, you know that you should use it up in three months so that won’t be an issue.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting lip pencil

The pencil is a bit darker than the liquid lipstick itself and you can use them both separately. However, keep in mind that the lip pencil has a fine shimmer in it as you can see in the swatch below. It is just the pencil on my lips. The pigmentation of the pencil is quite good.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting lip pencil pigmentation versus lip liner

Here is the comparison of hand swatches. It is really noticeable how much darker the pencil is.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting hand swatch comparisson of lip liner and lip pencil

Lipstick, on the other hand, almost has that old-school gloss texture. It is slightly sticky and a bit transparent. It gives you a slight pink wash of color on its own, but don’t expect to be blown away by the pigmentation, that’s not the point of this product. So don’t buy it and then layer it on your lips to get a full coverage because it will just look horrible.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting lip liner brush

In the picture below, you can see the lip swatch of just the liquid lipstick. It is quite light and gives your lips a nice pink wash.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting swatch

The one thing that I do mind when it comes to this lip kit is the fact that this is not a full-blown metallic as I expected. I would almost say that the name of this product is misleading. When I first swatched it on my hand it looked really shimmery and metallic, but it just wasn’t that visible on my lips. I don’t know if that’s the case just with my lips or did you also expect a more metallic look?


First, let’s check out how both the lip liner and the liquid lipstick look on the lips.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting lip liner and the liquid lipstick swatch

It is a pretty sight if you weren’t expecting a totally metal look.

You also shouldn’t expect the longevity of a matte liquid lipstick. After all, this is almost a regular lip gloss with shimmer.
That’s why you’ll get only a few hours before it starts to disappear from your lips. It just fades naturally, so don’t worry about looking crazy if you don’t remember to reapply it. Also, forget about eating while wearing this, it just won’t survive that escapade.

Makeup Revolution Metallic Lip Kit, In Waiting swatch by Rouge Geek

However, I won’t lower the grade by that much even though this is not long-lasting. Why? Because I simply haven’t found the gloss that can be THAT durable. Especially comparing it with matte liquid lipsticks. If you find “the one” holla at me so I can check it out!


Each lip kit costs only £6.00 so, like I said, it is worth a shot. I will list available color choices below so you can check the one you’re interested in.

I would even suggest you buy the whole Lip vault with 10 shades containing metallic, glosses and mattes for only £25.00. If that sounds tempting, click here to check it out.

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