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Natural and Affordable Blotting Paper made from Yam [Skin Watchers]

With my last Korean haul, I couldn’t resist not buying a pack of blotting papers. What drew me to this particular choice was the fact that they are natural and biodegradable. They are made from yam and yam only.

I already owned a few things from Skin Watchers and I had a mostly positive reaction to their products. My favorite is their Natural Sunscreen with SPF 50 – my makeup base whole summer long. I won’t diverge now, so let’s stick to Skin Watchers Natural Oil Blotting Papers.

Affordable Blotting Paper made from Yam
  • Final Grade - 9/10

Blotting Paper made from Yam [Skin Watchers]

There are 50 papers in a pack which should last me a bit over one month. I am currently halfway through with my packet.

Official instructions for these are:

Pull off the lid to see the sticker on the Skin Watchers logo. Pull off the sticker and you can see the dual-sided tape. Close the lid. On the back of the packet, push the “Push” button with your finger so that the dual-sided tape attaches to the oil blotting paper. Open the lid from the front and you can see the tissue being removed. Open the lid completely and remove the tissue from the sticker.

You can see in the photo below that the push button is on the back. Unfortunately, I can’t show you this simple method because I scraped off the glue that the paper should stick to.

Blotting Paper made from Yam

Luckily, it is not too difficult to extract a paper from this packaging. The lesson for next time – don’t twiddle with anything until you read the instructions, no matter how simple they seem!

Blotting Paper made from Yam packaging

These papers are really thin, but not transparent. They do look more transparent after using them. It makes sense since they soak up the oil from your face thus making them more see through.

Blotting Paper made from Yam [Skin Watchers] unboxed

And here is that same paper after it has done its duty on my oily skin. Don’t know if I captured the difference, but it is definitely noticeable in real life.

Blotting Paper made from Yam [Skin Watchers] used on skin

Of course, this review wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t show the before and after on my face. I did have BB cream on and it didn’t remove even the tiniest bit of it. So the dewiness stays, but the sebum leaves.

It is perfect for those days when you just can’t put on more powder to mattify because you’ll look cakey af. That’s when you use these papers to reduce the unsightly shine on your face.
I didn’t have too much oil (for my standards) on my face so the difference isn’t as noticeable as when I put it after a whole work day. Still, it clung to my skin when I pressed it which must mean something.

Blotting Paper made from Yam [Skin Watchers] review by Rouge Geek

If these blotting papers sparked your interest, you’ll be pleased to know you can order them from BeautynetKorea for a bit more than $1.

They are definitely worth a try. Especially if you are like me and prefer using natural cosmetics and makeup.

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